Sunday, 23 August 2015

Fragrance | Zoella Beauty Tutti Fruitti Haul

Today I am going to talk about some Zoella Beauty products I purchased a few weeks ago. Now, I am a follower of Zoella and her beauty blog, and Youtube channels. I admire her advise and love to try out her beauty suggestions. When Zoe announced her latest collection Tutti Fruitti I was eager to try out some of her new products.

From Zoella's first products I had tried the Bath Fizzer bar and loved it. So when this collection was announced I was eager to try the Bath Fizzer bar which has much larger squares than the original collection. For me one square broken off at a time is great for my baths as I find that this doesn't dry out my skin. The smell is a beautiful warm and slightly fruity fragrance but I wouldn't say it's overly fruity as I imagined by the name. I love it, it has a grown up but slightly youthful scent. Click here for the link to this product.

The second product I choose to try was the Body Mist, Let's Spritz! This is a great alternative to an expensive perfume as the fragrance does last a very long time for a body mist. It's not my typical fragrance but it has grown on me the more I wear it. And I was getting a little bored of wearing the same fragrance so I thought this would bring in an alternative. I love it and it's a great price for a good quality product. Click here for the link to this product.

And the last thing I picked up from this collection was the small make up bag. I think the design is very cute and easy to clean. I also love the size, it is great to carry the few essentials like powder, concealer, lipstick, etc.. but you wouldn't be able to carry everything in this little case. I thought it would be great to have on holiday or a weekend away. Click here for the link to this product.

Overall I was very happy with what I tried out from Zoella's Tutti Fruitti collection and I love that they are priced at an affordable rate.

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